A Strategic Approach to Decommissioning the Data Center

As with any large change initiative, decommissioning an enterprise data center comes with inherent risks. Organizations can mitigate these risks and achieve significant organizational, financial, ...

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Improving Visibility Between Teams When Decommissioning an Enterprise Data Center

As with any large organizational change initiative, decommissioning an enterprise data center requires input from across departments, functional areas, and levels of seniority.  Unfortunately, many ...

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Maximizing Asset Value Recovery to Offset the Cost of Decommissioning a Data Center

Today’s enterprises depend heavily on the applications, services, and data contained within the data center. But at some point, there will come a time when an enterprise needs to re-evaluate its ...

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Facility Decom, Relocation & Custom Build-out Project in Portland, OR

Sphaera recently helped a multinational corporation decommission its 80,000 sq. ft. office space, engineering lab & data center in Portland, OR, relocate critical services to a smaller location and ...

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Do You Know Where Your Data Lives? Reducing Risk When Decommissioning Enterprise Data Centers

Today’s enterprises are collecting, storing, and using more data than ever before. A 2022 IDG Research survey found that, on average, data volumes are growing by 63 percent per month across ...

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Reduce E-waste and Maximize Asset Value Recovery When Decommissioning a Data Center

Decommissioning an enterprise data center is a large and complex project that requires hundreds of hours of effort and specialized expertise. IT departments are responsible for migrating applications ...

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